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Water at 85F

100g flour
150 water
70g mature starter
100g flour
115g water
D3 = D2
70g mature starter
100g flour
100g water
D5 = D4
50g matures starter
100g flour
100 water
25g mature starter
100 flour
100 water

D1 10g f 20g w
D2 10g f 20g w
D3 10g f 20g w
D4 10g f 20g w
D5 10g f 20g w

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中筋面粉 2.5杯 390克
温水 1 杯 250克
酵母 1 茶勺 4克
盐 1/4 茶勺 2克
油 2 汤勺 22克
油 1/4 杯 50克
面 1/2 杯 80克
葱白 1/2杯 30克
盐 1/2 茶勺 4克
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Beef steak
Season steak with salt and black pepper
Sous Vide at 57C for 2hr
Add butter in a hot pot, sauté steak 1 min per side
Add garlic and thyme, continue sauté steak 1/2 min per side. Rinse butter on top of steak while sauté.

Season with onion and ginger, 1/4 soy sauce overnight
Sous vide at 50C for 30min
Add salt and black pepper, sprinkle some starch
Saute in hot pot and oil 1 min per side.
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