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yep, the whole look and feel of the site.

i feel like dontshop can benefit a lot from the minimal look. it's
totally on par with the simple, minimal type of guy. and it's a nice,
polished design aesthetic too. it can go a long way for helping make
your site look professional.

i find is a great resource for inspiration,
especially for minimal design. you can filter for specific styles of
websites too (see all categories on the right side). just check it out
and see what other peeps are doing.

personally, i can just imagine your logo in huge simple sans serif
type—DON'T SHOP—at the top. catches your guy's attention from the get
go. check these out:

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An online clothing shop for men who are looking for the extraordinary.
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Build Online Forms with Ease & Simplicity. Formstack is an HTML Form Builder that lets you create Event Registrations, Online Surveys, Order Forms & More.
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