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辅料:姜 蒜 干辣椒 花椒

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Baby back rib

8 parts brown sugar, packed down
3 parts kosher salt ( regulars ok)
1 part chili powder
+1 more of anything (another chili powder?)
others: black pepper, cayenne pepper, jalapeno shake
old bay, dried thyme, onion powder
put in jar or something and then shake, will last a long timela

lay ribs on big piece of aluminumn foil, shiny sides outside
pat rub down so contact is being made
push on and flip
other side doesnt matter quite as much

put in refrigerator AT LEAST one hour before cooking
the longer the better

ribs have a lot of connective tissue
gristle just get chewy when cooked
some surrounded by collagen and turns into gelatin (good!)
braise, makes it moist too

balance of acidity salinity sweetness
one cup white wine, 2 tbsp white wine vinegar (any kind will do though), 2 tbsp honey , 2tbsp worceshire sauce, 2 gloves garlic
microwave for one minute

open up one end of aluminumn foil to look like a funnel
lay on tray so you dont spill accidentally
fill with half of liquid
tilt tray to distribute everywhere
crimp up ends of foil

225 degrees for 2 and a half hours
if temperature is too hot, it will dry out so be patient

try to rotate a bone in the middle of the ribs
if it turns JUST a little bit, its good.

open foil into a pan and cut to drain liquid out
cook for 10 minutes while stirring to turn into a glaze
take off heat quickly or it will burn

grab pasting brush and "paint" the glaze on top of the ribs
open up foil and put back in oven
DONT LEAVE WATCH IT or until will burn in just a fwes secondspop

turn bump side up and slice just in between the bones
put some glaze in the large stainless steel bowl and mix ribs in it
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材料 两斤鸡肉,啥部位,带不带骨头的都无所谓 2 lbs chicken (drumsticks, thighs, breasts, or cut-up chicken pieces)
六瓣大蒜(我用了四瓣,大熊受不了太大的蒜味儿) 6 cloves of garlic (peeled and pounded)
两大勺香菜根(东南亚人喜欢用香菜根来调味儿,咖喱里很多的香菜根的说~ 没有根,也可以用茎来代替,不用叶子)2 tablespoons cilantro roots (use the bottom part of the stalks, without leaves)
半勺黑胡椒粉 1/2 tablespoon ground black pepper
一小勺海盐或粗盐,只有普通食盐的话,这个可以省略。为啥?我也不知道。 1 teaspoon sea salt (large-grained) or kosher salt
两大勺耗油 2 tablespoons oyster sauce
四大勺鱼露 4 tablespoons fish sauce
炸鸡用的油 Oil for deep-frying

沾粉 四大勺面粉 4 tablespoons all-purpose flour
四大勺淀粉 4 tablespoons corn starch
四大勺米粉 4 tablespoons rice flour

做法 把鸡肉清洗干净,用纸巾拍干,用食物处理机或臼子把大蒜,香菜根和粗盐捣成泥状(两样都没有,全靠刀法!),跟耗油和鱼露混合后,均匀的抹在鸡肉上,边抹边给鸡肉做马杀鸡~ 放到冰箱里,腌制四到六个小时。腌好后把鸡肉裹上面粉淀粉米粉同等份混合的沾粉,入油锅炸,油温控制在170度左右(多热是一百七十度?我也不知道,咱家有专门用来油炸的锅,设好温度,把鸡扔进去炸就行了),15分钟后,滤油,装盘~ 又齐活啦!
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