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Intermediate Number Theory pdf Fourth Edition last edited December 29th, 2017 first two chapters added. Art of Proofs (pdf) Divisibility (pdf) Olympiad Number Theory Through Challenging Problems (pdf)  Third Edition published December 18th, 2016 with the story behind the text. An 120 page introductory Olympiad Number Theory book I wrote for anyone with a passion for number theory…
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No description available.
Shape 1 round
Make each as a square and add filling. Fold both 1/4 into center to form a 1/2 shape. Cut a few lines and roll and circle with cutting mark outside. Put the 4 circle into a 6 inch round pan

Shape 2 round
Divide rectangle into 5 slice and roll one on another into a big roll put into round pan

Shape 3 bundt
Divide sheet into 4x6 and put 4 piece one onto another and put it vertically into bundt pan, repeat the rest 4 rows

Shape 4 round
Roll into one long roll, cut from middle. Roll from both end into middle for the 2 piece and put them into round pan.

Shape 5 flat
Into 4. Roll each and cut from middle. Braid by twisting the two slice with cutting on top and form a circle. Put the 4 circle onto a sheet

Shape 6 toast pan
Roll into a long roll and push flat. Cut vertically into 3 slice and braid. Fold two side back down to form a rectangle and put into toast pan.
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Ingredients Crêpe Batter: (makes 21-22 crêpes; 20 crêpes needed for cake)
1 6 tbsp unsalted butter [85 g]
Melt in a pan till browny and smell nutty

3 cups whole milk [710 mL]
Heat to steam but not boiling.

3 6 eggs [300 g without shell] 1/3 cup granulated sugar [67 g] 1/2 tsp salt [2.85 g]
Mix together but not over mix

4 1.5 cups cake flour [170 g] Mix into 3 till smooth. Slowly add 2 and 1 in.
Allow to cool. Sift and put in refrigerator overnight.
Green Tea / Matcha Pastry Cream: 5
8 egg yolks [160 g] 3/4 cup granulated sugar [150 g] 1/3 cup cornstarch [40 g] 1/2 tsp salt [2.85 g]
Mix together

6 4 cups whole milk [946 mL]
Slowly add into 5
Heat the pastry thicken for 7-10 minutes. Constantly stirring.
4 tbsp unsalted butter [57 g] 2 tbsp vanilla extract [30 mL] 6 tbsp green tea powder, i.e. matcha [36 g] Add into 6 stir till blended and sift

Make 20-21 crep 1/4 cup each. Do not flip
Whipped Cream:
4 cups cold heavy cream [946 mL]
1/3 cup granulated sugar [67 g] Beat till thick and fold into 7

Assemble the cake by crep 1/2 of 9 for 20 layer plus to as 21. Left in refrigerator for at least 2 hours preferably overnight.
Topping: 1 tbsp green tea / matcha powder [6 g] A little extra butter needed for greasing pan
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Spritz Cookies:

1 cup butter, softened
2/3 cup granulated sugar
2 large egg yolks
2 tsp milk
2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp almond extract
2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
1/4 tsp salt
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