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Ancient laptops and desktops might seem ready for the scrap heap, but there's life in them yet. " lang="en-us
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Windows 8's modern interface translates surprisingly well to the TV screen, but some key software omissions could hurt HTPC buffs.
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These alternative avenues for watching movies, television shows, and even live TV will more than satisfy anyone ready to join the cord-cutting revolution. " lang="en-us
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Windows 8 is all about the apps. Here are some suggestions on what you should download first.
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In a few short days, Microsoft will unleash Windows 8. Given the way Microsoft seems to be spending most of ...
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佛说:不行,两天。 我说:
行,白天、黑天 。

看到此信息的人,有群的发给自己群,祝所有的朋友永远幸福 ! 祝大家天天快乐!中秋、国庆节快乐!
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Keeping track of what I do
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Thanks to real-world data, the keys to your digital kingdom are under assault.
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There is certainly no denying the ever-growing popularity of Pinterest. With over 2.5 million users participating in the beta, Pinterest provides a new and
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Effectively capturing moving subjects is one of the toughest photography skills to nail. Here's what you need to know to improve your action shots." lang="en-us
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One of PCMag's best-kept secrets is our utility library, which we've been building for more than 20 years. Here are a score of our best home-grown apps. " lang="en-us
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Today, Pinboard is Ceglowski's fulltime job, pulling in $250,000 in revenue over the past two years. He says the site has 25,000 registered users with about 18,000 active ones each month. Ceglowski's only costs are paying for server space, and Pinboard makes money by charging customers a one-time fee of $9.50. (The fee started at $2 and goes up a penny with every 400 people who sign up.) There's also a $25 a year archiving fee for people who want personal copies of links. 

Read more:,28804,2094921_2094923_2094924,00.html #ixzz1zlUnqe4I

Arment showed the website to a couple of friends and they loved it. Six months later, when Apple announced it was creating an app store for the iPhone, Arment thought he could expand his idea. He liked reading articles on his subway commute home, but the Manhattan trains lacked an Internet connection. What if he could create an iPhone app that would let people read saved links offline? Arment spent his evenings developing Instapaper to do just that.(See the 25 best financial blogs.)

Three years later, Instapaper had grown to a million users and, despite the tanking economy, was making Arment enough money to live on — even as he maintained his job at Tumblr. Revenue came from sales of the $4.99 app, ads on the website, and a purely optional website subscription fee of $1 a month. "The iPad was a huge boon to the service because it's designed for reading," he says. Instapaper was taking off but at the same time was demanding more of his time, so in September 2010 Arment left his job to run Instapaper full time.

Today, Instapaper is a profitable one-man operation, having garnered 1.8 million users.

Read more:,28804,2094921_2094923_2094924,00.html #ixzz1zlVIeyTS
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During the month of May, the Get Organized series is featuring special content for graduates. In this installment, pick up some tips for managing your job hunt." lang="en-us
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硅谷孵化器500 Startups:助人创业的创业故事
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Looking for an easier way to add a file or folder to your favorite cloud-storage service? It's just a right-click away.
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