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A link refers to a bookmark, a note, or an image. Use this snippet to add a link. 

  • Add a bookmark
Click on the "Bookmark" tab.
Insert the URL of your bookmark in the text box at the top of the page.  This URL can also be an image URL.
PinABC Automatically retrieves information and some image snapshots about the website you entered.  
You can save the image snapshots as images.
You can change the title, description, and privacy of the bookmark.  
You can assign a category to the bookmark.
Click "Add" when you are done editing.
  • Add a note
Click on the "Note" tab. 
Type in your title and note.
You can change privacy of the note.
You can assign a category to the note.
Click "Add" when you are done editing.
  • Upload an image
Click on the "Upload" tab.
Click "Choose file".  Choose the image file you want to upload from your computer.
Click "Load...".  The image will be displayed.
You can add title and note to the image.
Click "Add" when you are done editing.
    Use the same snippet for adding a link to add a category or a pinboard

    • Add a category
    Click on the "Category" tab
    Type in the category name and click "Add"
    The category will be added to the pinboard your are currently on
    • Add a pinboard
    Click on the "Pinboard" tab
    Type in the pinboard name and click "Add"
    The pinboard will be added and you will be on the new pinboard

    When you hover mouse on any link, the next to the link will become . Click on next to the link on your pinboard, a menu will drop down with several options.

    By default, links are pinned. To unpin a link, click on the icon on the menu. Doing so will hide the link from pinboard, but you can still access it by clicking the title of the category the link is in. This feature is useful for setting aside notes that are not quite important but you still want to keep. To pin the link back, click on the category title and hover over the link. Click on the icon, and your link will be pinned again.

    To change the privacy of a link, click on the or icon, depending on the current privacy of the link. Anyone can see a public link, whereas only you and those you share it with can see a private  link .

    Clicking on the option will bring you to a page where you can edit the link.

    To delete an link, just click on the icon.

    If you want to add a  link to your favorites, click on the icon.

    If you want to move a link to a different pinboard or category, select the pinboard and category, then click "Move". To pick from existing pinboards or categories, click on the arrow to display a drop down menu, then select the pinboard or category you want to move your link to. To search for a pinboard or category, type in the textbox. To create a new pinboard or category, click on the "Create new" button, type in the new name, then click the "Add" button.

    To share a link with followers, click the icon. It will bring you to a page where you will see your link and a list of followers. Click on names of followers you want to share the link with. You can also type a name into the "Type a name" textbox in order to search for followers. You can also add a message to the link by typing in the "Comment" box.

    To view comments on a post or to add a comment, click on the icon. You can add a comment by typing in the textbox, then clicking the "Add Comment" button.

    You can change the color of your link to make it stand out. To do so, click on your desired color. To revert back to the original navy color, click on the last tile.

    Similarly, click on next to a category, a menu will drop down.

    To change the privacy of a category, click on the or icon, depending on the current privacy of the category.

    Click on or to change how links of the category are displayed in pinboard view.

    Click on to rename the category.

    You can change the display order of the links by clicking .

    To move the category to another pinboard, select the pinboard from the dropdown list, then click "Move".

    When you are on a pinboard, you can edit certain attributes of the pinboard.  Click on current pinboard name, there will be a drop down menu.

    Click to hide the pinboard from the top bar.

    To change the privacy of a pinboard, click on the or icon, depending on the current privacy of the pinboard.

    Click on to rename the pinboard.

    You can change the display order of categories in the pinboard by clicking .

    Click will bring you to list view.

    The "Toolbox" panel contains a set of icons from popular websites.  Click on an icon to go to that website.

    The "To Do" panel is a handy way to create reminders.

    Click on the icon to show a textbox. Type a task into the textbox, then hit enter to save it.

    When you're done with a task or simply want to get rid of it, hover over the icon and click on it. This will unpin the item from the to do list.

    To access all pinned and unpinned items in your to do list, click on the title "To Do". From that page, you can edit items in more detail. If you hover over an item, you can pin it, change its privacy, edit it, delete it, move it from the to do list to your inbox, share it, and comment on it. Check multiple items to mass-edit them.

    Click one of the four colored sticky notes to quickly add a note in the popup notepad. Leaving the popup automatically saves your note. You can pin the note to your pinboard by clicking on the pin icon.

    The "Favorites" panel is a good place to keep notes or bookmarks that you want easy access to.

    To add an item to your favorites, click on the dot next to that item on your pinboard. Then, click on the "Add to favorites" item. That item will show up in your favorites panel.

    To remove an item from your favorites, simply click on the icon.

    The "Visit History" panel shows a few most recent items you visited.

    Click on to refresh the list.

    Click on the title "Visit History" to show a comprehensive list of your visit history.

    From this pace, you can edit your items. If you hover over an item, you can pin, change privacy of, edit, delete, share, and comment on that item. You can also check items to mass-edit them.

    The search bar at the bottom of the page allows you to search for things on PinABC as well as many other popular search engines. Anything that you search for will be saved in the "Search History" panel. If you want to save one of your searches, click on the icon to pin it to your pinboard. To clear search history, click on the eraser icon.

    Following other users allows you to keep up with their public PinABC activity.

    To view who you are following, click on the title of the "Following" panel. By hovering over a name, you can unfollow and block users. Also, you can pin or unpin someone by clicking on the icon. Pinning a user will display his or her name on the front page in the "Following" panel. From that page, you can also view your followers, search for people, and invite people.

    Clicking on the icon brings you to the following feed. From there, you can see a feed of public activity from those that you follow.

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