Your customizable personal web portal
PinABC is a fully customizable web portal that allows you to save, organize and share your web experience from any browser on any web-connected device.

Save all of your bookmarks, favorites, videos, images, to-do lists, blogs and articles in one central website.

PinABC's unique pinboard view displays all pinned links in one single page which can server as your home page to the internet world.

You can 
  • Save any thing you find online as bookmarks
  • Save your thoughts, to do lists, or anything you don't want to forget as notes
  • You can upload images and save them as images
A link is used to refer a bookmark, a note or an image
Links are organized in two hierarchies - pinboards and categories
  • A pinboard is a higher level hierarchy used to organize your links.  Pinboard view displays all pinned links of the pinboard
  • A category is the second level hierarchy within a pinboard
  • Save your links on a pinboard in different categories. All your pinned links grouped by categories are just one click away
  • Unpin less accessed links to hide them from a pinboard to save space and adjust your priorities
  • Edit/delete/reorder/move your links with ease to prioritize your content
The links can be viewed as a pinboard, or in a list fashion.  PinABC also support image view.
You have full control on what to share and what remains private. Each hierarchy has its own privacy control. Each link also has privacy setting.
  • If you set a pinboard as private, all categories of the pinboard will be hidden from public regardless the category setting
  • If you set a category as private, all links of the category will be hidden from public regardless the link setting
  • If you set a link as private, no one will be able to see the link unless you specifically share the link with some user
We use following/follower model
  • Your following's new collections will be automatically shown in your feed
  • You can share your links with your followers
  • Check other's pinboards to find new and interesting content and start to follow them
  • Toolbox contains many popular links for email, calendar, social networking, stock quotes, shopping, etc
  • Sticky notes on left side panel help you to write down quick notes
  • Click on one of the colored notes and write something on the popup window.  

    Leave the window will automatically save your note.  

    Click the note again to see what you have saved.

  • Multi-service search bar at bottom right enables multiple popular searches for same key words
  • Your searched result will be automatically saved on your Search History on left side panel.  

    Click on next to the key words will pin it to your pinboard.

Yes. You may import your bookmarks from Internet Explorer, Chrome, or FireFox.

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