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Shape 1 round
Make each as a square and add filling. Fold both 1/4 into center to form a 1/2 shape. Cut a few lines and roll and circle with cutting mark outside. Put the 4 circle into a 6 inch round pan

Shape 2 round
Divide rectangle into 5 slice and roll one on another into a big roll put into round pan

Shape 3 bundt
Divide sheet into 4x6 and put 4 piece one onto another and put it vertically into bundt pan, repeat the rest 4 rows

Shape 4 round
Roll into one long roll, cut from middle. Roll from both end into middle for the 2 piece and put them into round pan.

Shape 5 flat
Into 4. Roll each and cut from middle. Braid by twisting the two slice with cutting on top and form a circle. Put the 4 circle onto a sheet

Shape 6 toast pan
Roll into a long roll and push flat. Cut vertically into 3 slice and braid. Fold two side back down to form a rectangle and put into toast pan.
by Christine on 2020-08-17
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